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Meet The Owner

Nina provides notarial excellence and solutions to lenders and clients in Houston mobile and remotely in all of Texas. 

Her exceptional eye for detail makes her your go-to notary! 

She has earned several desirable business highlights such as bonding and insurance 100,000 E/0 Policy. In the effort to help her clients in the COVID-19 crisis she became a R.O.N. (Remote Online Notary) to ensure the safety of everyone.

In addition, she is NNA certified, being a Notary goes beyond signing documents, but it is a step to making a substantial difference in the world!

See Ya Soon!



Each and every Notary Public plays a crucial role in combatting identity theft.

They serve as a frontline of defense and the public safer because of the job they do.

                                                                       - Quoted by Ken Salazar

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Safety & Precautions

“Since the COVID-19 I was afraid to get any notarial services I contacted NOTARY BY NINA STYLES she met me at my neighborhood  Starbucks parking lot with mask and gloves and sanitizer, placed documents in a bag and passed to me to sign.

I felt safe and she took the necessary precautions to notarize my documents! ”

Helen H.

Houston Resident

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